Company Profile

The place of design is very significant as it is the beginning of the process of mold manufacturing as the developing age and technological equipment. In this sense, our firm's design department has more than 15 years of experience in the required technological softwares and the ability to realize the quality and speed of production in a minimum time with our academic career in the field is well above the customer demands.

Pipefit has 15 years of experience in its own field. It manufactures molds as a standard production while it could also create solutions for the special demands of its customers and realizes mold manufacturing based on the orders and injection manufacturing of the final product.

We have come together as a professional working team with more than 20 years of experience in plastic installation.
There are many productive works that we have added to the sector especially in the field of plastic installations. Our activities that direct the installation sector have also developed the installation culture.  Our priority as Pipefit family is to offer one-step solutions for mold design and plastic mold manufacturing for industrial factories producing plastic mold by being in cooperation with our customers and gaining a solid and reliable place in a highly competitive, fast developing market.